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What is your property investment plan? 

Why should landlords do Property Inspections?

What is one of the biggest fears for owners in letting their house to strangers? Along with worry about whether the rent will be paid, the next greatest worry we hear from owners is the concern about the house will be cared for and looked after while rented.

Everyone has heard the horror stories about landlords turning up at a vacant property to find holes in walls, filthy carpets, disgusting kitchens and bathrooms, and rubbish and rodents throughout the property. While there are only a small minority who leave a rental in this unacceptable state, it is a very real fear for many private landlords.

So, how to prevent this? Of course the key to prevention of tenancy issues are comprehensive checks before accepting a tenant! However, the next most important step in my view is to carry out full and regular inspections, with photos and notes.  This means a full inspection prior to your new tenants moving in, then one month following the start of the tenancy, then at least three monthly throughout the tenancy. If you do notice damages, lack of cleaning or general poor care you are able to carry out inspections monthly.  Always give the correct notice to the tenant- don’t be tempted to just turn up to catch your tenants out, as breaching the RTA will never go down well if you need to take matters to Tenancy Tribunal.

If you want to prevent your house becoming a horror rental call me about our detailed property management process, +64 3 379-5033 or email to office@rubyhousing.co.nz.

Kim Willems

Ruby Housing


Often we get a management request from a new landlord who has purchased or inherited a property, or perhaps has their own earthquake damaged home still after being paid out and moving to a new build. Being new to the investment game, and hearing conflicting advice about what to do can leave a lot of uncertainty about what the best long term plans...

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6  quick and easy tips to keep your rental property child-safe.

Part of the statutory requirement for landlords is to ensure their rental home is of a safe and healthy standard, and a suitable state of repair. With many families renting long term in Christchurch, it is important to keep your property well maintained, comfortable and safe for all tenants.

Safekids Aotearoa have some great tips for keeping children safe in your rental home. If you are a landlord, do these yourself or talk to your property manager about arranging to remediate where necessary. If you are a tenant, talk to your landlord about these if not already in place.

  1. Install smoke alarms within three metres of each bedroom door, or any room where someone may sleep, such as living areas
  2. Get your plumber to check the hot water at the tap is no more than 50C (the cylinder should be 60 C)
  3. Fit child safe locks to drawers or cupboards where chemicals, medicines or poisons may be stored
  4. Fit balustrades to decks where there is more than a 100 cm drop or more. Fit safety latches to windows where possible, however egress in case of fire also must be considered.
  5. Replace older style glazing with safety glass where children may trip and fall, i.e, shower panels, bath screens, glass door panels and low windows.
  6. Keep play areas fenced the driveway from so children can play safely.

If you want to know more about your obligations and how to keep your home safe and healthy for your tenants, contact Kim at Ruby Housing on +64 3 379-5033, or email to office@rubyhousing.co.nz