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Top summer maintenance tips

December 5th 2017

There’s nothing like a bit of summer sun and a relaxing break away from work.
But, once you’ve recovered from the Christmas over-eat and are lounging in your backyard, you’re sure to notice all those wee maintenance issues you haven’t paid any attention to throughout the year.
Some of these jobs are for landlords, and some are for tenants. But we thought we’d give you a comprehensive list so that whoever you are, you can easily check back and see if anything has slipped through the cracks.
Heatpump/air conditioner
Cleaning your heatpump filters is maintenance 101. It keeps the heatpump working efficiently, cuts down your power bills and makes sure it’s circulating healthy air. Try to remember to do it monthly: but if this has slipped past you during the year, make sure to catch up on it over the summer months.
Pesky plants
There’s no time like spring and summer for extraordinary plant growth. Most of the time it’s just regular weeding that needs done, but summer can be a bit of catch-up. Make sure there are no weeds growing around concrete surfaces or in cracks between concrete. These can cause damage to expensive concrete paths. Cut back any hedge growth, and make sure that your trees aren’t encroaching on power lines or nearby properties.
Depending on where you live, you may get pests from time to time. Keep the grass cut to avoid mice/rats, and check for any nearby ant or cockroach nests if you notice a few unfriendly visitors. You may also want to spray for spiders as the warmer weather can bring in some nasty whitetails.
Summer is the only time of year that the New Zealand weather is reliable enough for repairs and maintenance outside. So it’s a good idea to check the deck and veranda at your house and make sure it’s safe: are there any popped nails or loose railings? Fix them securely. Does it need a sand and stain to protect the wood? It’s worth the extra time and expense now rather than having to replace a decayed and rotting deck in a few years.
Check your gutters and clean out any leaves etc, and consider installing a gutter guard – this will prevent your gutters from clogging in the future and save you a job next summer!
Barbecue areas
If your barbecue area is brick, you may need to spray for moss build up and then use a firm broom to clean off the gunk.