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Kim Willems

Ruby Housing was established in 2003 and is proudly owned by Kim Willems.

Kim has been a property investor for over 16 years and is a former Canterbury Property Investors’ Association president. She appreciates investors’ need to maximise the return on their investment.

Kim also understands – from first-hand experience – that financial return goes hand-in-hand with good tenant and guest selection, timely maintenance and robust information that helps assess how a property is performing.

Likewise, Kim is motivated to create a sense of “welcome” home for all of Ruby’s guests and tenants: a place where they can relax at the end of the day, enjoy their surroundings and feel comfortable and safe, whether it’s a studio apartment or a large, executive home.





Lisa Taggart
Letting Agent - shared role with Karen Moore

Lisa joined the Ruby Housing team in Feb 2016, coming from a sales and customer support background, and quickly impressed us with her calm manner regardless of what was happening on the end of the phone! Lisa initially worked at Ruby Housing as office administrator and bookings agent for our holiday accommodation and has now extended her role to encompass all aspects of the letting process for rental properties, from handling tenancy enquiries, showing rental properties and working through our comprehensive tenancy application process.

Lisa’s ability to juggle emails, phone calls, booking requests and signing up new tenants (often all at the same time!) ensures the office runs smoothly even on the busiest days. This role is now shared with Karen Moore.


Karen Moore
Letting Agent - shared role with Lisa Taggart

Karen joined the Ruby Housing team in June 2017, filling in for Lisa who was on maternity leave. Karen and Lisa share this role and Karen has also taken on more responsibilities with holding property viewings and processing tenancy applications. When meeting applicants Karen has a great sense of who would make reliable tenants, and this combined with thorough background checks gives owners peace of mind about who is living in their rental home.

Karen has a strong customer service background, having worked in retail for more than 10 years. 
At Ruby Housing, Karen also handles bookings for short-term rentals/holiday accommodation. She loves helping customers to find the perfect place for them and making sure their stay is enjoyable, hassle-free and comfortable.

Monique-Ruby Housing

Monique Collie
Inspection Agent

Monique has been a staple at Ruby Housing since she first joined the team early in 2015. Her cheerful down to earth nature and ability to extend her hand to new challenges has seen Monique move from her starting part-time role as housekeeper of our holiday homes, to property administration, and now training up in all areas of tenancy management, currently focusing on property inspections. Monique is a self-confessed “clean freak” whose standard of excellence is second-to-none, and she says she loves making sure that holiday homes are pristine for new guests. This eye for detail is very helpful when it comes to checking rental properties are being properly cared for.

Monique has several hidden talents and is known to get the team out of I.T jams from time to time.
Outside of work, Monique likes spending time with her three daughters and new baby son, and getting out into nature.


Kris Liu
Marketing Coordinator & Digital Specialist

Originally from mainland China, Kris has lived in New Zealand over four years, honing her English skills and snapping up a qualification in IT (Multimedia). Kris is fluent in Mandarin, English and Japanese, which has been a great help with our tenants and guests from so many parts of the world!

As a digital marketing specialist, Kris maintains a strong online company voice through different digital marketing channels. Kris has a passion for photography and loves shooting fantastic photos and videos of all our new listings, and then writing up the advertising copy. With a deep understanding on how to attract customers through social media, the Ruby Housing website and other online and print options, Kris has become a valued member of the Ruby Housing team.