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How to keep your home warm and dry


Winter is here! Your home could be experiencing condensation, which is probably the most common moisture-related issue during the winter months.

Moisture build-up in the home isn’t just caused by rainy days and leaky roofs. Our day-to-day living contributes too. Washing, cooking and even breathing all add moisture to the air.

Find out more:

01. Where is moisture from?

02. How to tackle Moisture?

03. Quck tool to assess what causes excess moisture in your home!


Viewings are arranged under conditions, please do not go to the property prior to viewings.

  1. On arrival at the viewing wait outside until Ruby Housing staff have opened the house, moved outside and given consent to you to look through the home
  2. Use NZ COVID Tracer app
  3. Social distancing of 2 metres must be adhered to
  4. Prospective tenants must not touch doors, open cupboards or turn on taps. If you would like to check any part of the house not clearly visible, this is to be requested from the Letting Agent, who will open anything needed.

Please DO NOT attend any viewings if you have been ill with flu-like symptoms, are self-isolating, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days.

Please kindly note Ruby Housing reserves the right to prevent entry to the property. Please make sure you are acting under the government Alert Level 1 regulations.


Landlords: what will my property rent for?

The first question many landlords have is what will my property rent for?

If you’ve been managing your own investments for a while you may not have looked at whether your rents are keeping up with the market. Private landlords will often leave rents as is, for fear of upsetting stable tenants. 

However it is possible to maintain fair market rent and keep good tenants. Our 3 - step rent review process keeps your investment up to date with the market, while also keeping quality tenants in the property. 

Like to know more? Just complete your name, contact details, and property information here, and I’ll get back to you very shortly. 

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Why choose Ruby Housing?

Ruby Housing is a locally owned and operated, independent property management company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Managing Director Kim Willems is a dedicated investor, and a past president of the Canterbury Property Investor's Association.

With over 15 years managing rentals and holiday accommodation in Christchurch, and a dedicated team for leasing, inspections, and maintenance, we can handle all your management requirements.

So whatever type of residential investing you prefer, contact Ruby Housing today.


Tenants: rent arrears assistance

The Government announced today (18th June 2020) that they will be extending and increasing Rent Arrears Assistance to support people at risk of being evicted because they are unable to pay rent.

Please visit Work and Income official site for more information.


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