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Moving overseas? Converting your own home to a rental? What do you need to do?

If you are changing your owner-occupied home to a rental investment there are several key aspects that can be easily overlooked.

To simplify things for you, we've compiled a list of the most common items to keep in mind. Check it out...

For more detail, and to chat about your particular situation, please get in touch with Kim Willems.

Kim: 021385780 or kim@rubyhousing.co.nz


At Ruby Housing, we're landlords ourselves so we understand all the needs of landlords

With our strong focus on working with long-term investors, it’s no surprise that 22.5% of owners with Ruby Housing  hold three or more properties, and trust us with their complete portfolio. Rental Investors will only stay with a property management agency when there is ongoing trust; evidenced by excellent service, outstanding communication, and proven reliability.

If you’d like to find out more, call Ruby Housing today 03-379 5033 

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Thinking of buying an investment property? 

 Should I buy a new build or existing investment property? 

There are pros and cons of each, and the right answer for you will depend on your current investment portfolio, the ability of your rental income to cover costs...

Do you want Rental Risk or Rental Reward? 

Buying a rental home is a major step. Before you make an offer on your next rental purchase, check out these tips to turn investing risk into investing reward...


What is a rental appraisal? FREE rental appraisal at Ruby Housing

A rental appraisal by a Property Management agency is often required by your bank or mortgage broker, to ensure the rental income is sufficient to cover your lending and other costs. You may also want an appraisal when considering a new investment purchase, to see if income will cover your costs. Most investors will have a ROI formula (return on investment) when weighing up a property purchase.   

To carry out a full appraisal we take into account all the above factors, along with assessing the property against other similar homes we manage, and knowing what features tenants are currently looking for. The time of year, immigration numbers, and employment stats all affect current market rents. 

If you would like an updated rental appraisal on your property, please phone the Ruby Housing office on 03-3795033 or email office@rubyhousing.co.nz, and I’ll get back to you very soon! 


Why choose Ruby Housing?

Ruby Housing is a locally owned and operated, independent property management company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Managing Director Kim Willems is a dedicated investor, and a past president of the Canterbury Property Investor's Association.

With over 20 years managing rentals in Christchurch, and a dedicated team for leasing, inspections, and maintenance, we can handle all your management requirements.

So whatever type of residential investing you prefer, contact Ruby Housing today.


Landlords: what will my property rent for?

The first question many landlords have is what will my property rent for?

If you’ve been managing your own investments for a while you may not have looked at whether your rents are keeping up with the market. Private landlords will often leave rents as is, for fear of upsetting stable tenants. 

However it is possible to maintain fair market rent and keep good tenants. Our 3 - step rent review process keeps your investment up to date with the market, while also keeping quality tenants in the property. 

Like to know more? Just complete your name, contact details, and property information here, and I’ll get back to you very shortly. 

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This has been a really difficult time for everyone since COVID-19. If you are struggling with the cost of living, or unexpected financial demands, please check the options below for help.


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