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At Ruby Housing, we're landlords ourselves so we understand all the needs of landlords, whether you are concerned about empty properties, unpaid rent, and worries over maintenance. As one of our owners recently told us "I just want an easy life, and you take all the stress away". 

Please check out the reviews from our happy customers and call us on 03-379 5033 if you'd like to discuss further.


Ruth and Francis

When we were first married we had a rental property we managed ourselves, this turned out to be an unpleasant experience as the tenants didn’t look after it and it took a lot for us to get it tidied up again. We then had another property rented to a family member, we set the rent too cheap and it really wasn’t appreciated, and was left very dirty. We know that we are good landlords, we want to offer a lovely home for someone to enjoy, well maintained, warm and dry.

But our previous experiences put us off managing the rental ourselves again. I asked around and a colleague told me about Ruby Housing, and Kim came and met with both of us at the house. It took a while to get the home to a standard again that we were happy renting it out, and it was September 2018 when it was ready.  

The tenants who applied didn’t have much of a rental history, but they had good work references and other points in their favour. Before they were offered the property Kim rang and discussed them with us, so we could make the final decision if we were comfortable. Kim suggested putting them on a shorter lease with a lot of extra care taken to explain to them how their rental payments and care of the home would be closely monitored, to make sure they were doing everything as they should.  

We like to do quite a bit of the maintenance ourselves, and this is easy to arrange with the Ruby Housing office. But there are also tradespeople available for work we don’t wish to do.  

For us the small cost of property management is worth the peace of mind, knowing that Ruby Housing will ensure the tenants are looking after the home is so important. A house is such a big asset, and we appreciate now we don’t have to worry about it.   

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Jan Caldwell

I have a townhouse in Beckenham I’ve owned for many years, and always looked after it myself. When I last advertised it early 2018 I had a few calls from Property Management companies, and Ruby Housing was one of these. At that stage I had a tenant lined up and wanted to carry on managing it myself, however it quickly turned out the tenant wasn’t much good and they couldn’t pay the rent. I  agreed with the tenants that they’d move out, and I contacted Kim from Ruby Housing to see what they could offer me.

I thought at that stage “I’m sick of this!” Dealing with tenancies going wrong, and chasing up rent payments. However it wasn’t an easy decision; I’d seen from a neighbouring property close to where I live how badly managed it was, and also lots of family and friends told me horror stories of property managers who didn’t seem to do much at all, and the rental homes were wrecked.

So even though I had a couple of companies to choose from it was only when I met with Kim and talked over what matters to me that I felt reassured. I really felt that Kim and Ruby Housing will make sure the home is looked after.

The owners statements and inspection reports are great, I get plenty of information. And the end of year tax report for the accountant makes it so easy.

I’d definitely recommend Ruby Housing, I should have done this years ago!


We had originally been managing our own properties when we lived in Christchurch, however... READ THE WHOLE STORY

We trust Ruby Housing to make the right decisions on our behalf, but also appreciate that they work with us to look after our investments, and keep us involved in the process as much or little as we’d like. If we ever have questions we just call or email and get a quick response, knowing who is in the office is a great benefit of a boutique sized company.


"I would have no hesitation in recommending Ruby Housing."

"I've found the process to be very professional, smooth, and I'm happy with the tenant selected by Ruby Housing. The rental advertising is excellent, great photos and presented very well. They have hit the jackpot! And met my criteria very well. From the time I signed the agreement the property was advertised and rented within a week, which has taken all my stress away." READ MORE

Mark Meyer

“In my experience, every contact with Ruby Housing has been a great example of how business should be managed.  It’s a small team of very competent individuals working together with confident leadership to achieve a fair balance between the needs of the investor and the tenant.  They have experience in their sector, communicate very well and do not avoid difficult issues."  

Rose Duncan

“On meeting Kim from Ruby Housing  I felt comfortable leaving the management of our property to her and her team.  Kim has been in the holiday letting business for many years so has a wealth of experience. Having Ruby Housing manage our property also opens up opportunities when potential guests contact them regarding what they are after.  While my husband and I take care of the servicing and maintenance of the property, I know that the Ruby Housing team are there should we need them.”

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