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If you are a private landlord you’ve probably thought at times about whether to place your properties under professional management. 

Whether your rental investment is a planned strategy, or you’ve somehow ended up with an extra home, there can be a lot to consider when weighing up how to choose a property management company. 

If you’ve invested in rentals for a while, and managed these yourself, then you’ll have a good idea of what aspects you enjoy and what you find troublesome. 

Maybe you’ve bought a new family home, or work and family commitments require you to move elsewhere. For many owners this is an opportunity to start a rental portfolio, however between choosing quality tenants, ensuring you are meeting all the regulatory requirements for rental property, and being available for viewings, inspections, maintenance and general tenancy queries, it’s not as simple as putting an ad online then collecting the rent. 

We hear many common questions from private landlords, and are happy to give you as much detail as you need to ensure your peace of mind. 

Did you know that in many cases we can rent your home more quickly and for more than you are able to privately?

If you self-manage your rentals there isn’t any tax benefit, however any fees paid for property management is tax deductible, immediately saving you at least 33%.

Whether you are working in paid employment or have your own business, your hourly rate will greatly exceed the small daily cost of having your home managed. For as little as a few dollars per day we can take away the stress of owning a rental home.

One of the first questions we ask you is who are your ideal tenants, and we work to your requirements (as long as these don’t breach any anti-discrimination laws)

Our tenancy leases require all tenants over the age of 18 be named on the agreement, no sub-leasing and no change of tenants without prior approval. Our strict processes means you never have to worry about random strangers living in your rental home. Your owners statements have full information about your tenants, names, tenancy lease period, and rent paid each week. What’s more, we are so confident in our selection process we have a Tenancy Selection Guarantee.

We have many owners who like to be involved in keeping their homes well maintained, whether it’s for minor repairs, seasonal garden maintenance or improvements. We are very happy to work in with owners who like to take care of these tasks.
Did you know you can keep your investment properties, gain more free time, and enjoy the financial reward without having to sell! If you’re weighing up these options, why not try having the properties managed by Ruby Housing for one year, and see how much easier life is.
Many of our owners live overseas or travel for extended periods. All ownership reports and inspections get emailed directly to you, so you have full information about the way the property is being looked after, and the rents paid. With around 300 plus photos for an average 3 bedroom home, you’ll have plenty of information to keep you in touch with what’s happening with your property. We email you regarding any major maintenance issues or tenancy changes, so you still have involvement in your investment as required, without any stress.