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Tenant Selection Guarantee


What does a Tenant Selection Guarantee Cover?

At Ruby Housing we believe in standing by the decisions we make. The responsibility of choosing a tenant is one we take very seriously.

  • So this is what we Guarantee:
  • If we have selected the tenant for your property, and continue to manage the home, and that tenant breaches their tenancy agreement (or Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and subsequent amendments), we will bear the costs of taking the tenant and/or their guarantor to mediation or the Tenancy Tribunal.  This includes the Tenancy Tribunal application fee and any time involved with preparation for court and attendance.  If Tenancy Tribunal appeals and re-hearings are required we will also cover these at no cost to the owner.

What does this mean for you as an owner?

What this means is peace of mind for you. No more worrying about a bad tenant being placed in your rental and then having to deal with the aftermath. You can be secure in the knowledge that we have a vested interest in finding and keeping the best quality tenant for you.  

  • Here's what the Tenant Selection Guarantee Does Not Cover:
  • 1. If you, or a previous property management company contracted by you have placed the tenant in the property, and there are issues resulting in Tenancy Tribunal hearings or mediation.
  • 2. Cost of debt recovery or court fees relating to collection.
  • 3. Any and all legal fees pertaining to the tenancy.

 Contact us today and see how we can make peace of mind investing a reality for you.