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There are plenty of reasons to have your property managed: You may live outside of Christchurch; you might enjoy property investment but not property management, or perhaps you'd prefer to spend your time focused on other important areas of life - like travel, family or career.

With Ruby Housing, you will engage a professional, friendly and expert property management service for little more than it would cost you to manage your property yourself. Plus, remember that our fees are tax deductable on your annual returns.


Ruby Housing - your property management company

Whatever the reason you prefer to have your rental properties managed you can feel comfortable and confident that Ruby Housing has all your property requirements in hand.

We're a boutique property management company with a high service ethic, over 20 years’ experience, a proven track record and a passion for property. You can rest assured that your property is in the safe hands of our highly-trained team and protected by our well-established management processes.

At Ruby, we're landlords ourselves so we understand all the needs of landlords, whether you are concerned about empty properties, unpaid rent, and worries over maintenance. As one of our owners recently told us "I just want an easy life, and you take all the stress away"

This is the Ruby Housing Difference: not only are our fees highly competitive, but there are no hidden extras in our package. That means you can budget with confidence.

We personally meet all prospective tenants at your property and require all tenants older than 18 to complete a full tenant application form. We then check:
1. Employer references
2. Previous and current landlord references
3. Character referees
4. Social media accounts
5. Tenancy Tribunal cases
6. Online background
7. Credit checks - multi-bureau​

We're so confident in our tenant screening that we cover the application costs and administration time if a tenant we have approved requires mediation or a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. Our property managers are thoroughly versed in the Residential Tenancies Act. See our Tenant Selection Guarantee - we stand by our decisions!

Your property will be inspected one month after a new tenancy commences and then ever 3-months thereafter. We will do monthly checks if the tenant is not caring well enough for your home, until they get back on track.
You will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photographs, after each inspection.

We market to where your tenants are. Our proven marketing strategy includes:
1. Professional photography and marketing copy
2. Trade Me advertisement
3. Ruby Housing website advertisement
4. Social media; Facebook and Marketplace
5. Other online rental listing sites
6. Ruby Housing Office Window - high car and foot traffic
7. Free "for rent" sign at your property
8. Marketing to our current tenant list to share with friends, family and colleagues
9. Rent flyers distributed to surrounding properties


How much rent should I charge for my investment property?

It can be difficult for owners to know how much rent to charge for a rental, especially if you have only one or two properties, and it has been a while since you last advertised the home.  There are some common factors to look at when setting the rent, and it is good to be aware of not setting the rent too high or too low, which can affect both interest and the quality of tenants who apply.  

How to set the rent for your investment property.  

  1. Check out the Tenancy Services stats for your suburb
  2. Is your rental property a house, flat, apartment, or something in between?
  3. Have a look at similar properties for rent in the same area. What makes your rental home stand out compared to others? Does it have an upgraded kitchen and bathroom, double glazing, a family friendly section, good school zones, or allow pets? 
  4. Think about the tenants you want to attract. Would you prefer a group of young professionals, so the rent can be covered easily? An older couple who will love spending time in the garden? Or a family who will stay long term while the children are at school. Once you know the type of tenants you would like you can add some features to attract them, which may enable you to set the rent a bit higher. 
  5. Does your property have energy saving features that will appeal to long term tenants? If you have a new home, or have made energy updates, emphasise these. LED lights, heatpumps and HRV systems, electric car charging, and easy access to bike lanes and public transport are all desirable aspects. 
  6. Have you completed all requirements for the Healthy Homes Compliance Certificate? Tenants are aware of these requirements, and may bypass your home if it doesn’t have a current compliance certificate. If there is anything left to do it’s good to get this completed before you re-let the property. 
  7. Remember it is not legal or acceptable to discriminate on the basis of someone’s race, gender, family status or employment. Don’t let bias get in the way of meeting some great prospective tenants! 
  8. Be careful about how you advertise and what questions you ask. The new tenancy guidance recently issued by the Privacy Commissioner has strict compliance standards, so don’t ask more than the minimum required at each stage of the tenancy application.
  9. Don’t let emotional attachment determine the rental price. Rents are calculated mainly on area, suburb and number of bedrooms. 
  10. Regardless of the type of home and price bracket, make sure it is sparkling clean, lawns mown and gardens tidy.


Protect your investment

We understand that your rental property is a business, and high occupancy and retention rates are critical to your success. Our processes ensure that disruptions due to tenancy changes are minimised and you enjoy an excellent rate of return on your investment.

Our tenancy selection process is designed to ensure that your rent is paid on time, every time. However, we also know that things don't always go to plan, so we have a proven process for dealing with rent arrears swiftly.



Private Landlords

If you are a private landlord you have probably thought at times about whether to place your properties under professional management. Whether your rental investment is a planned strategy, or you have somehow ended up with an extra home, there can be a lot to consider when weighing up how to choose a property management company.


Property management is a relationship between owner, management company and tenant. Maintaining the balance of rental income, tenant needs, maintenance, improvements and regulatory requirements for owners of multi-income properties requires a structured system and attention to detail.


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