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Should I hire a Property Manager?

May 29th 2018

Is this you?

  • - I don’t have time to check rents every day
  • - I don’t like confronting my tenants about late rent/damages/unmown lawns/ breach of tenant responsibilities
  • - I don’t feel comfortable asking prospective tenants for proof of income or photo id
  • - I really don’t want to spend my weekends doing property inspections.
  • - I’m sure they’ll be good tenants, we got on well when they came to look through the house
  • - They’ll be able to afford the rent, they arrived for the viewing in a nice looking car
  • - 4 weeks bond is way too much money to ask tenants to pay, I’ll just take one or two weeks (or maybe none)


  • Ask yourself these 7 Questions. If you recognise yourself in two or more of these, maybe it’s time to talk to Ruby Housing about managing your properties instead.
  • Call us on +64 3 379-5033, email to office@rubyhousing.co.nz, or pm to our Facebook Page, Ruby Housing.