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Asbestos Testing Clarification

June 10th 2018

The Independent Property Managers Association has just issued a clearer statement from Worksafe around asbestos in rental homes. You may recall property managers and landlords were advised the responsibility was on the owner to assess if there was any asbestos risk in a rental home. With the age of many rental properties, and repeated repairs following earthquake damage this area seemed to be another minefield for property owners, and one that seemed to open-ended.

With the release of the Worksafe statement we know have a clear guideline for when an asbestos management plan is required, and will work with owners to ensure you are fully informed and your properties are compliant with safe practice.

Kim Willems, Managing Director, Ruby Housing

  • Changes to Asbestos Testing Recommendations, taken from
  • the Independent Property Managers Association media release:
  • Asbestos clarification
  • Worksafe has just clarified that:
  • ..."asbestos management plans are required when there is a risk that asbestos fibres will be
  • released into the air, for example, when renovations or other building work occurs. This means
  • that asbestos management plans are not automatically required for all rental properties."