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Insulation Changes

September 19th 2018

As you will know from 1st July 2019 all rental homes must have compliant ceiling and underfloor insulation. Where insulation is unable to be fitted due to lack of access, an exemption is available, however older existing insulation may need to be topped up or replaced to meet requirements.

We are currently reviewing all homes to ensure they have had smoke alarm and insulation assessments. Even if owners have carried out the work themselves, a compliance certificate is necessary to show this has been completed to the required standard. There is no charge to you for this, and while a quote will usually have been provided for any necessary work to bring homes up to standard, we are very happy to get quotes from other companies if you wish.

There is a fair amount of carrot and stick in the new insulation requirements, with the stick being the $4000 payout tenants can apply for and receive if insulation isn’t to the required standard by 1st July 2019. If we haven’t already sent you a quote for insulation fitting, and you are aware this is something needed for your rental home, or you would like to overspec the property regardless, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to use your own contractors or arrange a specialist company to provide a quote for you.

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