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Anything Extra?

September 24th 2018

While we know from feedback that owners are generally very happy with our service and the information we provide, we’d still like to know if there is anything extra we can do to make your rental ownership smoother, more enjoyable, and more profitable for you!

Would you like Ruby Housing to organise renovations for you, or pay rates and insurance bills? Do you want to discuss adding an extra dwelling to a large block, or how to change the layout of a home to have wider appeal? If you’re expanding your property portfolio perhaps you’d like to discuss what type of home tenants prefer? Are there topics you’d like to see covered? Would you prefer more newsletters, or fewer?

We’d love your responses! Property ownership is a changing game, and we want to ensure we’re meeting owners current needs for information and improvements. Please email to office@rubyhousing.co.nz, or if you would like to chat directly to me, kim@rubyhousing.co.nz or call to me on 021 385 780.