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‘Erase’ meth history from LIMs

November 25th 2018

The history of low-level methamphetamine in contaminated properties will be wiped from their land information memorandum (LIM) reports based on a report delivered by Peter Gluckman, chief science adviser to the prime minister, stating the acceptable levels of methamphetamine contamination as 15 µg/100 cm2 – 10 times the current New Zealand standard.

“The standard adopts a single level of 1.5 µg/100 cm2 (1.5 micrograms of methamphetamine per 100 square centimetres of surface sampled) that ‘high use areas’ of affected properties should be decontaminated to, regardless of whether the properties were involved in the production or use of methamphetamine. High use areas are defined as those areas that can be easily accessed and are regularly used by adults and children.”

The councils reacted differently to Gluckman’s report.

Auckland Council decided to take a more lenient approach to meth homes, but insisted on testing and cleaning the properties to contamination levels of 1.5 µg/100 cm2 in high-use areas when manufacture was suspected.

Christchurch Council was rarely informed when the properties were only involved in methamphetamine consumption and they would not include it as part of a LIM if the level of contamination was less than 15 µg/100 cm2.

Bindi Norwell, Real Estate Institute chief executive, strongly suggested a consistent approach to be generated and followed by the councils. Otherwise it will make the situation more confused.

Despite the finding that there was no real risk to humans by third-hand exposure to methamphetamine, some buyers/investors were still concerned about meth homes. The Tenancy Tribunal recently announced that they would generally accept the minimum standard of 15 µg/100 cm2 for meth contamination in rental homes. That’s actually good news for investors, but they raise concerns that the Insurance companies will probably continue with the 1.5 µg/100 cm2 standard.

We, Ruby Housing, will keep track of it and get you informed of the updates.

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