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26 Questions to ask before hiring a Property Management Company

February 13th 2019

  1. What do I need to do to get my rental property ready to rent and to attract the best tenants?
  2. How will you advertise and market my rental?
  3. How do you work out the market rent?
  4. What is your screening process for qualifying tenant applicants?
  5. Should I allow pets?
  6. Do you have an after-hours service for emergencies?
  7. Do you charge an extra fee to owners for letting or re-letting the property?
  8. What is your tenancy retention rate?
  9. Will I get to have the final say on the tenants who have passed the application process?
  10. Do you guarantee the tenants you select for the home?
  11. What happens at the end of the lease period, does the tenant automatically get offered an extension? Do I get to say whether I’m happy to keep the tenant?
  12. How often do you do property inspections?
  13. What constitutes fair wear and tear compared to damage by tenants?
  14. What maintenance will I need to cover while the tenant is in my home?
  15. Will you keep me up to date with what can improve my home and enable a better rental return?
  16. What type of properties do you manage?
  17. What is the average rental lease period?
  18. Is a fixed term or periodic lease preferable?
  19. Will I get charged an extra fee to re-let my home at the end of the lease period?
  20. How much bond do you take?
  21. How will you protect me from changes in tenancy law that might affect my investment?
  22. How often does the rent get reviewed?
  23. Do I have to pay extra to get the end of year financial reports?
  24. Do you recommend meth testing?
  25. Who is responsible for pruning and seasonal garden work?
  26. Can I take care of some maintenance myself or do I use your recommended contractors?

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