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Keeping Your Home Warm and Dry

May 6th 2019

Even though there are fewer sunny warm days, it’s still important to keep your home fresh and aired out, to prevent mould and mildew building up.

There are a few easy ways to do this, please check out our list here:

  1. Open windows for a few minutes morning and evening on opposite sides of the house, to let the air change and moisture escape.
  2. Use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom, and keep going for a little longer after you’ve left the room
  3. If condensation appears on the windows this will need wiping every morning, to prevent damage to window sills, curtain linings, and paintwork.
  4. Keep furniture away from exterior walls and windows, to allow a bit of space around and the room and prevent damp building up behind beds and couches.
  5. Use your heatpump effectively! Heatpumps and HRV type systems are the most energy and cost efficient way to heat your home, so please do read the manual, follow instructions online, or if you’re unsure ask us for help. If you are at home all day then keeping the heatpump running on low will maintain an even temperature at little cost. Or you could have the timer set to turn on just before you get up in the morning and before arriving home from work.