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Ruby Housing Rental Inspections

July 9th 2019

An interesting perspective in an article published recently in the NZ Herald, querying why insurers ask for three monthly inspections on rental properties. 

Initio Insurance have bucked the trend by offering cover for inspections every four months, as a special deal for members of the New Zealand Property Investor’s Federation.

We have followed the practice for many years of three monthly inspections, largely to check tenants are looking after the property, and to check for general maintenance, leaks, damp and mould, smoke alarm function, general wear and tear such as painting, and exterior work required. A lot can happen in 3 months! We want to ensure owners are covered in the event of the need for claim, and also to provide a good record for owners who are out of town to see what is happening with their property. 

This is a comprehensive report, with around 100-200 photos for a routine inspection of a three bedroom/one bathroom home. We send out a maintenance checklist beforehand, for tenants to leave at the property if they won’t be home. We are very careful to avoid intruding on tenants privacy, and don’t take any photos of personal items or people. If tenants are home it’s also a good chance to chat, this also maintains a good tenant/management relationship. 

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What are your thoughts on inspections, intrusive or essential?