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Fun things to do if you can’t get out

March 18th 2020

These will help the days to pass more quickly and keep you physically and mentally active. 

  1. Virtual tour of famous museums
  2. Host an online dinner party, dance party or hang-out with friends
  3. Create an online concert with fellow musicians 
  4. Learn a new craft
  5. Share some fitness workouts with friends
  6. Try some new recipes, experiment with your favourites of a different country each night
  7. Access online books though Christchurch libraries
  8. Get outside for some fresh air every day- as long as you’re keeping your distance from other people you are safe to be outside according to the Ministry of Health
  9. Text your neighbours and copy this flash mob in Italy
  10. Keep to your usual work routine, if you’re not able to do your everyday work then use the time to learn a new language or skill