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What causes excess moisture in rental homes?

June 18th 2020

TENANTS - How to find the cause

1. Is furniture in bedrooms or living rooms pushed against the outside walls?

Please move furniture away from exterior walls and windows.
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2. Are the curtains open during the day? 

Please keep the curtains or blinds open during the day to allow the sun to warm your home.
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3. Are doors throughout the house left open during the day? 

Please leave the doors inside open during the day to let air change and moisture escape.
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4. Is the DVS, heatpump, dehumidifier being used as per manufacturer's instructions? 

Please leave DVS/HRV on and use heatpump and dehumidifier properly to dry your home.
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5. Is washing being dried inside?

Please dry your washing outside on sunny days.
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6. Are unflued gas heaters used?

Uflued gas heaters create excessive moisture and can be dangerous to use in the home. Ruby Housing do not permit any gas heaters that aren’t properly fitted and have an approved external flue.
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7. In older homes are the air vents in the foundation clear or covered over by vegetation? 

Please clear away plant growth from the vents. If plants are too large we will need to arrange trimming after approval by the owner of your home.
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8. Are there large trees or shrubs overshadowing or growing too close to the house? 

Please get in touch with us to arrange pruning of overhanging trees and shrubs.
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9. Are the windows opened at times every day to let fresh air circulate?

Please open windows for a few minutes morning and evening on opposite sides of the house.
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10. Are the rangehood and extractor fans being used as directed?

Please use the rangehood and extractor fans when cooking or taking a shower.
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11. Is there a leak from a shower unit or washing machine taps?

Please contact us first and we will arrange a plumber to fix it if needed.
We will contact the owner to see what else can be done.

A damp home can impact on your health. Keeping your home dryer will also cost you less in lower power bills and fewer visits to the doctor.


LANDLORDS - How to find the cause

1. Have the gutters and downpipes been cleaned out at least annually?

2. Are the rangehood and extractor fans vented to the outside?