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Which of these tenants would you choose?

March 18th 2021



Previous criminal history of aggravated robbery with a sentence of over two years.




Tenancy Tribunal hearing March 2019 found in favour of the landlords, over $2500 damage and cleaning claims on rental property.




Rental reference shows she has a history of alcoholism, noise, and disturbing neighbours.




Previous history of late rent on multiple occasions, property not left reasonably clean and tidy, disturbances with neighbouring tenants.



All the above applications were processed within the last week; all presented well and looked like they would make good long term tenants for each property. Without full and detailed background checks, any of these tenants could be offered a lease by an unsuspecting landlord and create a risk for your investment. 

How much time?

How much time and energy do you have to work through applicants for your investment?  We can help with this - we have the systems, the skills and the experience.

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