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Our fee structure is quite simple; we charge a percentage of the tariff for each property we manage and a small fee for servicing in between guests. This means you are only paying the management fee for the time the house is occupied. If we don't get bookings for you, we don't get paid, therefore we're highly motivated!
Our fee covers all aspects of managing bookings, credit card processing, advertising and promotion, and visits to the home to meet with guests or deal with maintenance. There is a small initial marketing charge to get the property ready for listing online.
There is a housekeeping fee (approx. $300) for each booking for us to service the property thoroughly and wash, iron and replace the linen. Starter cleaning products as well as tea, coffee and milk, and some pantry items are supplied to guests as part of this housekeeping package. A regular deep clean of the property is required to keep the home and furnishings fresh. This may include sanitising mattresses, drycleaning duvets and curtains, and carpet cleaning.
You will also need to acquire a lock- box to hold your house keys securely.
No. Our management agreement is exclusive to our company. Please let us know if you would like friends or family to use the home so we can block those dates out on our booking sheet. However, you are not able to use another agency or individual, or advertise the home yourself to get bookings.
Power, gas and phone is included in the tariff charged to guests, with a limit on overall use.
We need owners to let us know as soon as excess power or internet data is used so we can charge the guest correctly. We reimburse owners for power used by guests. We read the power meter at the start and finish of each guest’s stay, (therefore your power meter needs to be accessible) calculate usage, then invoice guests directly. There is an administration charge for this.
Owners keep the gas, phone and internet bill in their name and take care of paying the bill (we allow for this in the tariff charged). We recommend that you place a toll bar on the phone and disclose the amount of internet data included in the tariff. If excessive data is used or toll calls made these can be on-charged to guests.
We use a secure lock-box attached discreetly outside your house. We advise guests of the code in writing so that they can gain access to the keys once they have booked the property by paying the deposit.
We have our own preferred team of housekeeping and maintenance tradespeople, as well as preferred suppliers for electrical, plumbing and building repairs. We can use your own suppliers who are familiar with your property if this suits you better.
You may prefer to use your own gardener, or we can arrange a lawn mowing and gardening contractor for you.
We must be authorised on your power and phone/internet accounts in order to enable a quick response to guests and continued supply of services at short stay houses.
Most of our homes don't allow pets, we do add a surcharge if you would be happy for pets to stay in your home. It's up to you.
We suggest that you remove and store securely any personal or valuable items you are leaving behind, ensuring wardrobes and cupboards are clear to give guests room to store their things.
There must be at least two working smoke detectors in the house, one in the living area, one near bedrooms. Please leave a supply of water for emergencies, a torch and battery powered radio. You need to leave a full stock of cutlery and crockery plus cooking utensils, pots & pans etc. 2 towels per potential guest, some handtowels, teatowels, bathmats and a few facecloths (most people bring their own facecloth). At least 2 changes of linen for each bed. 2 mattress protectors, pillow protectors, pillowcases & duvet covers per bed. 1 duvet inner per bed is ok but an extra blanket in winter is nice, 2 pillows per person. Starter items such as cleaning products (we replenish these between guests) and cloths. Tea, coffee and sugar in containers, we will re-stock these. Instruction manuals for appliances are great if you still have them - we can put together a booklet with everything in it. Some books and magazines are appreciated by guests and maybe a few DVD's.
If it is your own home, your insurer and your bank (if you have a mortgage) will need to be advised that you are no longer living there, and that it is under management. If it is an investment property please do ensure you have a rental property policy. You will also need to authorise us with your insurer as well, especially if you are overseas and we need to initiate the claims process for you in the event of earthquake, storm or snow damage.