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FAQs - Tenants re Covid 19


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  1. Can I move into a new rental property if I am a tenant?
  2. What should I do if I have already signed the lease on a new place but I can no longer move into it due to movement restrictions? Will I have to pay two sets of rent?


How can I access the keys for moving in?

Keys can be left at the property in a lock box, these will be sterilised before you receive them.


I’ve lost my job and can’t pay the rent?

There is immediate help available through Work and Income, with no stand-down period.


What about viewings?

Viewings at properties are to stop immediately, and only virtual access, i.e. photos and video


What happens with inspections?

No routine inspections in the immediate, we are trialing virtual inspections where the tenants uses their smartphone and is talked through the house room by room.


What about ingoing or outgoing inspections and my bond refund?

Ingoing and outgoing inspections will be only done for empty homes, and only as allowed by government directives.