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  • 1. Bookings will not be confirmed until the deposit payment is received. 
  • 2. We may require full payment to secure your booking if your booking period is less than four weeks.
  • 3. The deposit is non-refundable unless special circumstances apply.
  • 4. The full tariff will still be charged if a cancellation or reduction in stay is made within two weeks prior to arrival date.


  • 1. The full tariff will still be charged if a cancellation or reduction in stay is made within two weeks prior to arrival date. This applies to the whole term of your reservation.
  • 2. We may refund your deposit/tariff for that period if we are able to re-book all or part of your reservation. A 10% cancellation fee may apply.


  • 1. Your booking is not confirmed until we have received the required deposit.
  • 2. Payment of your deposit is deemed acceptance of the booking on your part, including these terms and conditions.

Balance of payment

  • 1. The remaining amount owing is due two weeks prior to arrival or by special arrangement.
  • 2. We are able to accommodate fortnightly or monthly payments for long-term stays. Payments must be made in advance.
  • 3. We reserve the right to cancel the holiday home and/or to let the holiday home to any other guest if full payment has not been received three days past its due date.


  • 1. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited is committed to protecting the privacy of our guests, as required under the Privacy Act 1993.
  • 2. We do require some personal information during the booking process. This may include your name, physical address, and contact information (including your email address).
  • 3. If we hold personal information about you, we may use that information to:
    • a. Provide our services to you
    • b. Promote and market our services to you
    • c. Collect money you owe us, including lodging a default with credit agencies
    • d. Obtain a credit check, or otherwise provide credit information to credit agencies
  • 4. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited does not rent or sell your information to third parties.
  • 5. You have the right to see information we hold about you, and to correct that information if you believe it is inaccurate.

Check in/check out

  • 1. Check in is from 2pm. Check out is by 10am.
  • 2. You may check in early upon arrangement if no one is occupying the holiday home on the morning you arrive.


  • 1. Holiday homes must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  • 2. An additional fee will be charged if houses are excessively dirty and require specialist cleaning.


  • 1. The number of people occupying the holiday home is, under no circumstances, to exceed the number of people that are booked.
  • 2. We take all care to make our holiday homes child friendly. However, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their safety around pools, staircases, driveways etc.

Gatherings and noise

  • 1. We have a zero tolerance policy in regard to noise. Noisy parties or gatherings are not permitted and we ask that you respect the neighbours. A $250 call-out fee may be charged and the guests may be required to vacate the premises immediately if complaints are received and either noise control or our staff are required to attend the property.
  • 2. Large gatherings for birthdays, weddings, conferences or similar such activities, where the number of people in attendance at any one time far exceeds the stated number the house sleeps, are not permitted.
  • 3. At anytime during the booking process, Ruby Housing may decline/cancel a booking should they become aware of a potential risk of damage to the home or undue disturbance during the stay.

Overdue accounts

  • 1. The guest agrees to reimburse Ruby Property Enterprises Limited for any reasonable expense or collection costs paid or incurred in recovering, or attempting to recover any payment that is overdue.
  • 2. Overdue accounts may incur a 2.5% penalty interest charge per month or part thereof; and may be forwarded to a debt collection agency.
  • 3. All costs of collection are the debtor’s responsibility and will be added to the overdue amount.
  • 4. The customer name for invoicing purposes is deemed to be the responsible party.

Internet, telephone and power charges

  • 1. Most of our holiday homes come with complimentary internet access. A set amount of data is included in the tariff paid. If the data limit is exceeded, additional charges may apply.
  • 2. Most of our holiday homes come with a complimentary landline telephone. The tariff paid includes local calling only. Any toll calls (including calls to mobile phones) will incur additional charges.
  • 3. Power usage is included in the tariff unless we have agreed at the time of booking (in writing) for this to be additional.
  • 4. If your tariff excludes power, a security deposit for power is payable on arrival. We read the meter before you arrive and when you leave. This is invoiced separately or billed monthly for longer stays.
  • 5. Should you wish to have your calls forwarded to the holiday home, written permission must be obtained from the company director and/or their nominees prior to the commencement of your stay.
  • 6. The guest will be responsible for all reconnection and service charges incurred if the holiday home phone is disconnected as a result of the call forwarding process.

Internet usage

  • 1. Each house comes with a specified data allowance. If you exceed this allowance the internet connection speed may slow to dial-up speed or stop altogether. You may be able to purchase additional data at your expense, and will be required to do so if you have used up the monthly allowance and there are more guests arriving before it renews.
  • 2. Under no circumstances are guests to view or download illegal material such as (but not limited to) pirated movies or pornography. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited and/or the owners of the holiday home will not be responsible for any legal ramifications that result from downloading such material.


  • 1. The guests are responsible for any costs relating to damage caused to the holiday home or its contents during the term of their stay.
  • 2. Any damage or breakages must be reported immediately.

Vehicle and belongings

  • Ruby Property Enterprises Limited accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any car, its contents, or any baggage or personal belongings.

No smoking policy

  • 1. A no smoking policy applies to all holiday homes. This means that guests are not permitted to smoke inside the holiday home.
  • 2. Smoking is allowed outside at selected holiday homes. Please refer to the house instructions at the property. The guest must remove all cigarette butts prior to departure.

Maintenance requests

  • 1. Guests must contact Ruby Property Enterprises Limited on 03 379 5033 if any maintenance is required at the holiday home.
  • 2. It is the obligation of the guests to inform Ruby Property Enterprises Limited of any maintenance issues that arise during their stay.
  • 3. Bypassing Ruby Property Enterprises Limited by directly engaging any service personnel will result in the guest being directly responsible for any payment due.
  • 4. We make every effort to attend to maintenance issues promptly; however, guests should understand that contractors are not always available immediately.

Alternative accommodation

  • 1. If, after your booking has been confirmed, the holiday home becomes unavailable (for reasons including but not limited to the end of a management agreement, damage caused by natural events or urgent maintenance), Ruby Property Enterprises Limited reserves the right to transfer your booking to a comparable holiday home.
  • 2. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited may refund any tariff paid if a comparable holiday home is not available for the duration of your stay. Any refunds are at the discretion of the company director and/or their nominees.

No pets policy

  • 1. A no pets policy applies to all homes unless approved by prior arrangement and confirmed in writing. We will require the number and breed of all pets.
  • 2. This includes pet visits. Breach of this rule may result in your stay being terminated immediately and additional cleaning charges being applied to your account.
  • 3. Any damage caused by pets staying at the property will be the responsibility of the guest, and must be paid for on departure.

Pet tariff

  • 1. The following charges apply where pets have been approved: $100 per week per dog, $50 per week per cat.
  • 2. Under no circumstances are pets permitted in bedrooms, and dogs must be kept off the furniture.
  • 3. Dogs must be kept outside, either in a kennel or contained in a crate, while pet owners are away from the home. All droppings must be disposed of hygienically.
  • 4. Please note that failure to comply with these conditions may result in immediate and non-negotiable cancellation of your stay, without refund.

Provision of services

  • 1. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited does not guarantee that the products and services listed at any of the homes will be continuous or fault free.
  • 2. Ruby Property Enterprises Limited will endeavour to repair or replace any faulty item but this may not be immediately possible.
  • 3. Events beyond our control, such as poor weather, power cuts or unforeseen electronic breakdowns are not automatic grounds for a discounted tariff. Any discount to the tariff is entirely at the discretion of the company director and/or their nominees.
  • 4. A refund may apply if such an event prevents the guest from being able to safely occupy the holiday home and a comparable holiday home is not available. Any refund is at the discretion of the company director and/or their nominees.


These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through Ruby Property Enterprises Limited (trading as Ruby Housing). The trading name Ruby Housing also incorporates Christchurch Holiday Houses.

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