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"The first contact I had with Ruby Housing was when Kim Willems called me to ask if she could help get tenants for my rental property. I had the house listed on Trade Me, but was only getting time-wasters as I'd call them, no-one who was a suitable tenant. I'd had a lot of texts from other Property Management companies, I wasn't impressed with this type of communication - not very professional! So the fact that Kim called me instead of texting meant I was willing to meet with her and see what Ruby Housing could do for me. I had my own business for many years, so I care about professional business practice.

I had already looked at whether I should drop the price, and had spent a lot of time cleaning up the garden after the previous tenants had left. I wanted to present the home in a good condition, so a quality tenant would want to move in. I have kept the house well maintained, and I offered an extra bonus of whiteware at no extra charge, which helped attract the right tenant.

I've found the process to be very professional, smooth, and I'm happy with the tenant selected by Ruby Housing. The rental advertising is excellent, great photos and presented very well. They have hit the jackpot! And met my criteria very well. From the time I signed the agreement the property was advertised and rented within a week, which has taken all my stress away.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ruby Housing."

David Christchurch


“In my experience, every contact with Ruby Housing has been a great example of how business should be managed.  It’s a small team of very competent individuals working together with confident leadership to achieve a fair balance between the needs of the investor and the tenant.  They have experience in their sector, communicate very well and do not avoid difficult issues."  

Mark Meyer


“On meeting Kim from Ruby Housing  I felt comfortable leaving the management of our property to her and her team.  Kim has been in the holiday letting business for many years so has a wealth of experience. Having Ruby Housing manage our property also opens up opportunities when potential guests contact them regarding what they are after.  While my husband and I take care of the servicing and maintenance of the property, I know that the Ruby Housing team are there should we need them.”

Rose Duncan


“I think Ruby Housing is great. I feel like our property is well looked after; they’re proactive in getting maintenance done and telling you what needs to be done. It’s so important to me to feel like our property is in safe hands, since we live far away in Wanaka. Ruby really takes the stress out of owning an investment property. Their reports are thorough and clear, and they always keep us up-to-date with what’s happening for landlords with new legislation and requirements. ”

Bridget Gould