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16 tribunal hearings over 10 years

November 26th 2018

Believe it or not, Tracy Peterson, who has gone by the names Tracy Neilson and Tracy Thompson, has been brought to the Tenancy Tribunal for 16 times since September 2008.

Maurice King, the most recent landlord, took pity on Peterson with two children who said she has been looking for a place for ages and let her move into his Bishopdale, Christchurch home. Immediately, King received complaints from Peterson about mould (actually a load of crap) and failure to lodge her bond with Tenancy Services (not knowing her surname), followed by her stopping paying rent. "She's just the tenant from hell," King said after the hearing where he claimed $1257 in rent arrears.

From available records, previous owners only received piecemeal repayments from Peterson, or nothing at all though they have won their tribunal cases. Instead, Peterson claimed against landlords usually for compensation, “exemplary damages”, mould, meth test and harassment, and did receive awards of $417 over those tribunal hearings.

Except for Tribunal orders of over $14,500 against her (exclusive thousands of bond dollars), Peterson also has a record of criminal history from benefit fraud of $22,000 to car theft and threat-making.

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Reference: Stuff, “A ‘tenant from hell’ facing her 16th tribunal hearing”, Friday, November 02, 2018